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“The most enjoyable part of our entire moving process has been meeting and working with Jodi Winchester.   We have bought and sold several properties over the years, and have never encountered Jodi’s level of professionalism and excellence.  If she said it, it was true.  She always delivered, and was incredibly pleasant and understanding in the most difficult of times.

“She brought in more than we were expecting for our Waltham place, and worked very hard on our behalf to secure the new Medford place we wanted.  She was masterful in negotiating with the buyers when we were on the edge of despair.  She always responded immediately to our questions and concerns.

“You have an excellent professional in Jodi.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any friends looking into real estate.  She has an excellent sense of humor, and even went so far as to laugh at my jokes.”

-- Jerry and Diana B., April 2014

“I've moved twice before, and thought of the process as second only to root canals in pain level. For my move this year I was lucky enough to work with Jodi Winchester, and it was actually fun.

“Jodi had answers to all my questions. She had suggestions too, but never pushed me to accept them, although I usually did after I saw she was right. She knew movers and painters and trash haulers and cleaners and anything I might think of. I didn't have to use them, but I usually did because I liked them.

“She scheduled showings and inspections around my convenience. She kept me current on every potential buyer. She never made a decision without me, but was ready with a knowledgeable opinion when I asked. She had ideas to make all kinds of details easier for me.

“Some real estate agents act like bosses, some like employees. Jodi was - and still is, I trust - a very knowledgeable friend. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone thinking about a move.”

-- Barbara M., July 2012

“In spring 2012, we hired Jodi Winchester who works in your office to help us sell our townhouse condo in Bishops Forest in Waltham. At the time, that decision was based on her credentials and recommendation from condo management. By the end of the process, it became clear to us why she has such an excellent track record.

“Although the real estate market was difficult for sellers at the time we put our home in the market, Jodi in the end delivered the result and sold our condo much quicker than we had expected. More importantly, she guided us through each step of the process very effectively. She served as a great consultant during tough negotiations we had with our prospective buyers and always put our best interests ahead of rushing towards closing. She made a great impression the first day we saw her. She was very pleasant, organized and positive all along the way. She was very attentive and put as much time as needed for us as if we were her only clients (although we knew she had several other clients at that time). Furthermore, by bringing to our home a few people she knew who performed different services to prepare our condo for market listing and closing, she made our life easy and let us focus on various tasks we had ongoing at the same time in our new house which we later moved. Although this was our first experience selling real estate, we are certain there is nothing we could have wanted more from our selling agent.

“If asked, we highly recommend Jodi as a real estate agent in general, but without a doubt for transactions in Bishops Forest. People should just look at her amazing sales history!”

-- Mariam & Maziar, July 2012

“Thanks again for all you did in helping us sell our house. With our three young kids and busy jobs (not to mention, our move to a new house!), we really appreciated how you took the load off our backs and managed nearly everything for us. You transformed what seemed like a huge undertaking into a very smooth ride. It was actually fun!

“Most importantly though, having you on our side gave us great confidence through the process. Your expertise, knowledge of the local market, and guidance were highly appreciated, and these insights were of particular value during a challenging market environment.

“Did we ever tell you that you were actually recommended to us by our neighbor? She was on the buyer side of one of your listings, and she was so impressed by you she actually recommended you over her own agent! And we were very fortunate that she did.

“We, too, will highly recommend you to anyone we know who is selling in the area -- you are truly exceptional at what you do!”

Sonali and Milind, June 2012

“Having known Jodi and watched her work for a number of years, I can say without reservation that she is not merely personable and professional, she is truly exceptional: unusually talented, creative, concerned, insightful and diligent. She is the only broker with whom I have dealt (and I'm old, so I have known my share) who has had my utmost trust and confidence. Any newcomer to the real estate profession would be wise to use her as a role model. Patriots coach Bill Belichick has said that Teddy Bruschi was ‘the perfect player.’ Well, in my opinion, Jodi Winchester is ‘the perfect agent.’ She always seems to be in the right place at the right time and always seems to make the right decision.

“I feel fortunate to have had Jodi, and Hammond's resources, in my corner. “

-- Paul L.